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Rock Band

Let’s finish November to remember with another music game. Rock Band takes the serious path with keyboards and something they call Pro Guitar and Pro Bass. I just wanna rock, so I salute Harmonix for adding the Doors to Rock … Continue reading

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Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Rock is back! A cool t-shirt for a cool game. Even though the music games containing guitars and instruments maybe saturated, which led to lower sales, the games is still awesome with increased quality.

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Metal Gear Solid 3

Here’s another neat Metal Gear t-shirt with the special forces group Fox. The t-shirt were handed out when Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater launched.

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Metal Gear Solid 4

Maybe you noticed Snake in the background of yesterday’s photo? Digged up some Metal Gear Solid t-shirts.

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Syntax Error

Syntax Error is the reply to an invalid input by the user. Syntax Error is also the name of a famous Swedish radioshow and the name of Swedish nightclub (and if you’re in Stockholm, they have the season finale tomorrow … Continue reading

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SSX on Tour

This wacky t-shirt is not another music game, it’s SSX on Tour, a snowboarding game by EA. Seems that the series been put into the freezer, last game in the series were SSX Blur for the Wii 2007.

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Sonic 2

Today on the day it’s 18 years ago Sonic 2 launched on the Mega Drive. Sega dubbed the day Sonic 2uesday because the game launched on a Tuesday, 24 November 1992.

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The big S

Loud and proud! The big S! In Europe Sega used the slogan To be this good takes ages, referring to the company’s arcade heritage. During the 90’s Sega introduced a whole collection of Mega Gear clothes with the slogan, this … Continue reading

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I love Starcraft 2

Blizzard’s fans are among the most hardcore there is in the gaming world. They’re loyal, so it’s no understatement when you see a t-shirt like this. They really love Starcraft 2, no doubt about that.

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Nintendo in Kungsbacka

To end the Super Mario week we segway into Nintendo as a company. This t-shirt says “I’ve visited Nintendo in Kungsbacka”. The town of Kungsbacka is close to Gothenburg in Sweden. On the Mario street (yes, there is an actual … Continue reading

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