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Portal 2

Portal 2 recently came out. A lot of people seems to like it, so this cool t-shirt is perfect for the occasion. Advertisements

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Party like it’s 1985

Feeling hangover today? Well if you did party like it’s 1985 yesterday you got the right to be hangover.

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Atari SE

Thanks to Avatari at the Vintage Games forum, who sent a photo of this t-shirt. A cool special edition Swedish t-shirt, or at least it got the Swedish colors.

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Virtua Tennis 4

Virtua Tennis is back! And it’s hot! Feels good that the series made it back to greatness.

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Super Mario 25th Anniversary

Last year Super Mario Bros celebrated it’s 25th anniversary, which this t-shirt commemorates. Frequent visitors might remember that I posted a very similar t-shirt back in November.

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Super Mario jumps

It’s a me Mario! is what Charles Martinet, the voice of Super Mario, usually says. I don’t have anything out of interest to say about this t-shirt. It’s not mine, I took a picture of it at a retro game … Continue reading

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Chuckie Egg

Oh look! It’s Hen House Henry from Chuckie Egg by A & F Software.

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Sweatshirt Special: Metroid

We’ll finish the sweatshirt special with a real classic from the 80’s. Old school Metroid! And notice the neat Power Play logo!

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Sweatshirt Special: Castlevania

Let’s jump back to Konami and the amazing Castlevania. The game franchise had it’s hey days on the NES, Mega Drive and Super Nintendo, made a great comeback with Symphony of the Night for the Playstation, but then fell back … Continue reading

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