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Atari white

Similar to yesterday’s post, I vaguely remember this t-shirt handed out as promotion when Infogrames changed name to Atari. Advertisements

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Atari black

Let’s continue with another t-shirt of a video game company. I can’t remember the story behind this one, but it’s probably from around the time when Infogrames rebranded to Atari.

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To be this good again

This is the fifth version of the To be this good takes ages. Previously I’ve published pictures of the three classic Mega gear shirt collection and the new polo with the same slogan. But hey, it’s a cool catch phrase!

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Total Overdose

Danish dynamite! Denmark is packed with skilled developers that created games such as Hitman, Pirates vs Ninjas vs Zombies vs Pandas, Max & the Magic Marker, Limbo and from the t-shirt above, the action packed smoking cool game Total Overdose.

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Rise to Honour

Hong Kong and Hollywood movie star Jet Li starred in the Playstation 2 game Rise to Honour, illustrated on this t-shirt.

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Dancing Stage

Ok, sorry for lack of posts. First and foremost, I’m actually starting to run out of t-shirts. I happily accept submissions, scroll down to the About for contact info. Secondly, I’ve been swamped with thing to do. Any way, here’s … Continue reading

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Quake IV

While there been some spin offs like Quake Live and Enemy Territory, its been six years since we got Quake IV, which this t-shirt promotes. Will there be a Quake V? Probably some time in the future.

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Rainbow Six Vegas 2

I got this picture from WallEnberg. It’s a t-shirt for Rainbow Six Vegas 2 with very neat Las Vegas style.

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Pipe Dream

Peter at Carrot Games sent a picture of his newest t-shirt called Pipe Dream by Mathijs Visser. He describes it with the words “He can never quite reach that which he seeks, the princess. Just when he appears to have … Continue reading

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