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Kingdom Hearts

East meets west. Square Enix and Disney did the unthinkable combination of classic Disney characters such as Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse with the worlds of Final Fantasy. A rather surprising good marriage. Advertisements

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Pac-Man: Revenge of the Ghosts

The day the ghosts look forward to, when they finally nail Pac-Man for good.

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Super Mario Bros: Grow Up

Be a good kid and eat your porridge, or just eat a mushroom and you’ll grow up quick.

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Outlined Koopa, kinda stylish. Or is he just red of complete anger?

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Competition: Win Virtua Tennis 4 t-shirt

Today we’ll revisit a t-shirt posted back in April, it’s the fantastic tennis game Virtua Tennis 4. First one, in the comments, to write the name of the Swedish player in the first Virtua Tennis, wins the t-shirt!

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The third game in the Fear series. Of course they got use leet speak and make the E into a 3, thus F3AR.

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Mortal Kombat: Finish Him!

Let’s go back to a fairly new release. This is a promotion t-shirt for the latest Mortal Kombat, showing off the popular finishers, that back in the 90’s made people buzz about the game.

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It’s Good To Play Together!

Yeah Microsoft, love them and hate them. I tend to play online on the PS3 thanks to the free service instead of paying monthly subscription fee or buying stupid set amounts of Xbox Live Points. Always a game or DLC … Continue reading

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Xbox Big Day Out 2007

This t-shirt is from a trip to Val d’Isère, where Microsoft presented music videos for Xbox 360 or something like that. Scissor Sisters performed and we got this t-shirt.

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Paradox Interactive

Paradox Interactive is strategy specialist behind games such as Hearts of Iron. This t-shirt have their motto: cave quid dicis, guando, et cui. Anyone who speak latin?

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