Crazy guy wears a lot of t-shirts

So yeah, I’ve been running out of t-shirts and only occasionally posts when I get a new one. So to compensate I’m sharing this video from the insane gang at Swedish Svampriket. You’ll see enough t-shirts at the same time to cater for all the days I’ve missed to post a new t-shirt.


About Martin Lindell

Worked in the games industry since 1994 och and written book about Swedish video game development history, Nintendo's and Sega's history in Sweden.
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One Response to Crazy guy wears a lot of t-shirts

  1. For example, look at the T-shirt above. If a guy wore this, it would be the most effective form of birth control being no women in her right mind would ever want to sleep with him. With camera in hand, I headed to Times Square – to give you a visual taste of chemise de la funny. Welcome to t-shirts that guarantee you’ll never get laid.

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