Castlevania the Concert

Yes, that was a magic evening, the Castlevania concert with a symphony orchestra. The team behind the concert is back for Gamers X-mas, check it out!

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Pong Legend

Nicklas of Fannicklas had this t-shirt when participated in the Swedish national championship in Pong. He played well and went all the way to the final where he lost to the champion Dasse.

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Nissling is a Swedish forum guy, he likes Sega as y0u can see. Once he dressed up like Angry Video Game Nerd. I think he’s a cool dude.

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Sonic in Japanese

A Japanese Sonic t-shirt. The super fast blue hedgehog celebrates his 20th anniversary. Looking forward to Sonic Generations, it shaping up to be the best Sonic game for years.

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Pac-Man crossing

Pac-Man or Beatles?

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Tetris taught me architecture

The t-shirt speaks for itself!

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Sniper Ghost Warrior (black)

This is the second t-shirt with Sniper Ghost Warrior. Suits well, since the game is being released in a Classic version on Xbox 360 and Gold version on PC. Check out the first t-shirt here.

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Burger Town

This is a really cool t-shirt. It is quite tough to right away spot the connection to a video game. If you played a lot of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, then you probably recognize this from the airport multiplayer level or in single player when you’re running around on a parking lot. Burger Town is the burger joint in Call of Duty. I got this rare t-shirt from Mr. PapaDrillo at, when he visited Call of Duty XP, big thanks!

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Tropico 3

In the midst of all dictators being overthrown there’s a new game in the Tropico series, where you are a dictator of a banana republic. Pretty ironic t-shirt.

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The Legend of Zelda

More classic Nintendo! The old school Link sprite from the first Zelda game, still one of the best games in the series!

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