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Track Jacket Special: Football Manager 2005

I’ll conclude the track jacket special with a white one from Sega. They made this one for the release of Football Manager 2005, the first one in the series. Sports Interactive left Eidos and the Championship Manager brand, to work … Continue reading

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Track Jacket Special: Nail’d

Nail’d is a game with quads and motorcycles on extreme off-road tracks. I haven’t tried the game myself, but it looks fun and scheduled for release in February in Europe.

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Track Jacket Special: Xbox 360

Went away a couple of days to the Nintendo 3DS event in Amsterdam. Cool console, I liked Kid Icarus, however no swag! Not even a new t-shirt to show on the blog. So instead I’ll continue with the track jacket … Continue reading

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Track Jacket Special: Fist of the North Star

Tecmo Koei’s action game of the classic anime remind me of Dynasty Warriors, but in a harsh postapocalyptic world. This track jacket is really neat, a bit like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill.

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Track Jacket special: Pac-Man

There’s a lot of cool game themed track jacket, so I thought why not have a track jacket special? This is a gigantic Pac-Man labyrinth, wow, so many Pac-Mans and ghosts. I’m stoked.

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