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Life is a shit game

Took this picture during the live recording of Spelradion at Gamex. It’s pretty funny and it serves as a good Christmas greeting. Things are going to be a bit slower during the holidays, but I will be back in full … Continue reading

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EA Sports

EA Sports, it’s in the game! Or as the old slogan said: If it’s in the game, it’s in the game! Andrew Athony was the voice of the EA Sports scream that became unison for great franchises such as NHL, … Continue reading

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There Is Nothing Like It!

The incredible console Sega Mega Drive celebrates it’s 20th Anniversary in Europe. This t-shirt was specially produced for the launch in September 1990. Special thanks to industry veteran Stefan Lampinen from Speltjänst, who actually took out this first in production … Continue reading

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The Xbox 360 space man and monster

To be honest, I can’t really recall the story of this t-shirt. It’s clearly a Xbox 360 t-shirt, but what’s the deal with the monster and the space man playing some sketchy game? Anybody care to enlighten me?

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Mario Karty pyjamas

Consider this a weekend special, as this is a complete pyjamas set with Mario Kart. It’s a part of the Kappahl collection of Mario Kart clothes I showed in an earlier post. Maybe a good Christmas gift for kids?

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Copy Party

I don’t endorse piracy, but to some extent the old copy parties were tied to gaming. People met to play games, code demos and make illegal copies of games at the old parties. Any way, without getting into moral and … Continue reading

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Medal of Honor

I really enjoyed playing the new Medal of Honor online, although I’m now back into Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and are eagerly awaiting the Vietnam expansion. I’m proud to say that Medal of Honor is the first FPS I have … Continue reading

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Weapons of Zelda

A nicely illustrated t-shirts with the weapons of Zelda. There’s the boomerang, bombs, bow and of course the legendary master sword.

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Bloodline Champions

Bloodline Champions is a arena based player vs player game, developed by Stunlock Studios. Their focus is on esport and it could be the key to gaining popularity. Since it’s made in XNA I also hope they’ll have a future … Continue reading

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I remember the first Wipeout for Playstation, it had stunning graphics and an extremely cool soundtrack. The game is about futuristic racing and sported a lot of attitude and coolness. The new Wipeout games today is still very clean and … Continue reading

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