Age of Empires

Age of Empires

The classic real-time strategy game Age of Empires is making a comeback with a new version and a remaster of the old game!

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I play a lot of Pokémon Go. And to be honest I never played the original games very much as I were quite old when they came out in Europe and were into PC and PlayStation at the time. A couple of years before the game came out in Europe, I played the Japanese version, but being a RPG it was very hard to understand. So, I guess this t-shirt is not for me! 😉

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The Last Ninja

Last Ninja

The Last Ninja is an incredible cool old classic game. Ninjas was the thing back in the 80’s. The game was quite difficult and maybe doesn’t stand up today, but the music is still amazing.

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Retro Bit Bros

Retro Bit Bros

The crazy and funny chaps at Retro Bit Bros is spotting the cool 80’s style.

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Retrogathering 2017


It’s the t-shirt for this year’s convention of the annual retro game and classic computer fair Retrogathering in Västerås, Sweden.

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A video game version of Deadpool. Looks like Burger Time…

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Videospelsklubben? May sound odd in English. Translated from Swedish it means Video Game Club. It’s a site that hosts a lot of podcasts, video series and texts. Within it’s network there’s also the game history site VG Arc that’s an English site. Check out their amazing history of Sunset series!

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Commodore 64


The classic home computer Commodore 64! Played many classics such as California Games, The Last Ninja, Law of the West and Boulder Dash just to mention a few. Also the start of many game developer’s career who started to code on the C64.

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Retrobit Eat Sleep Play

Retrobit is a company specializing in retro related peripherals such as controllers, replacement parts for defunct consoles and all-new consoles playing classic games.

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The Pikmins goes urban and cross a street in New York. Why New York? This official t-shirt was a special one that you could only buy at the Nintendo NYC store.

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