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Super Mario Bros level 1-1

Super Mario Bros, level 1-1, enough said. Advertisements

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Do you like retro games? Do you understand Swedish? Good news! You can listen to the podcast Retroresan, pictured on the t-shirt above.

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Halo 4, perhaps?

One last E3 t-shirt. I’m not sure from which game, could it be Halo 4 or another Halo game? Please correct me if I’m wrong, don’t quite remember where or when I got it.

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Super Mario: Continue?

At the great convention Retrospelsmässan I took a photo of this t-shirt. However there were no ability to continue in the classic Super Mario Bros, still a really nice t-shirt.

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Metroid Prime Corruption

Metroid Prime took the classic space action adventure series with bounty hunter Samus Aran to into FPS genre. Great adapation.

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Eyetoy Groove

Another groovy Eyetoy t-shirt, this one for Eyetoy Groove.

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Eyetoy Play

Sony with their hip t-shirts, this one sporting Eyetoy Play. Argh, get me out of here!

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Pac-Man: Back in the Days

With all the E3 t-shirts the recent days it feels good to go back to a classic with Pac-Man.

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The Lord of the Rings

Bringing up an old E3 classic. It’s the Lord of the Rings t-shirt from 2003. Notice that it’s not EA’s Lord of the Rings, it’s Vivendi’s version based on the books, while EA based their games on the movies.

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Saints Row 3

I really liked the first Saints Row and could play the insurance fraud mini game for hours. But I never got into the sequel, let’s hope Saints Row 3 will be good. This t-shirt is atleast cool.  

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