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Batman: Arkham City

That’s what I call a comic book adaption. The sequel to Arkham Asylum is here! Advertisements

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Metroid: Peace in Space

Follow-up on This is how I roll. A 60’s inspired Metroid t-shirt.

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Metroid: This is how I roll

This is how Samus roll.

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Hyrule Fencing Club

Looks like some kind of school t-shirt, but it’s a neat take on Zelda.

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Castlevania the Concert

Yes, that was a magic evening, the Castlevania concert with a symphony orchestra. The team behind the concert is back for Gamers X-mas, check it out!

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Pong Legend

Nicklas of Fannicklas had this t-shirt when participated in the Swedish national championship in Pong. He played well and went all the way to the final where he lost to the champion Dasse.

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Nissling is a Swedish forum guy, he likes Sega as y0u can see. Once he dressed up like Angry Video Game Nerd. I think he’s a cool dude.

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Sonic in Japanese

A Japanese Sonic t-shirt. The super fast blue hedgehog celebrates his 20th anniversary. Looking forward to Sonic Generations, it shaping up to be the best Sonic game for years.

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